Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chicken Chop Black Pepper

This is our quick dinner for tonight.
It's so easy and fast to prepare because I use instant ingredients.
Bought two packets of ready-made chicken chop. Just need to fry it in about 5 min.
I also bought a bottle of Nona's black pepper sauce.
What I did was, made a regular bowl of coleslaw, that's easy peasy, lol.
After I finished the coleslaw, put it in the freezer for a while and I fry the chicken.
When the chicken is cooked I tossed in some fries in the pan.
After that serve it just like in the picture.

It's delicious!


  1. salam kakchik,
    banyaknya blog kakchik...ain ni 1 blog pun susah nak update...kakchik ni memang rajin la orangnya...bangga ain dapat berkawan dgn kakchik...harap2 ain pun akan bertambah rajin mcm kakchik =)

  2. Wkslm ain.
    Kakchik saja nak fokus mengikut minat dan kerjaya kakchik. 2 blog yang utama tu lebih kpd personal things. Kakchik pun bangga dpt berkawan dgn ain.


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